About Us

What is ShareMyShit?

ShareMyShit is the internet's first and only true social network for posting and viewing pictures of poop. It's like Instagram... for shit.

WTF? Why would you do this?

The advent of social networking has changed the way humans interact. We can read people's thoughts, peer into the personal lives of people we hardly know, and find out where they are and what they're doing with GPS geolocation. With so many new forms of communication available to us, traditional social boundaries have become blurred. The less-personal nature of online interaction often decontextualizes the reality of broadcasting things out to the world which would be inappropriate for real-life social interaction.

ShareMyShit is a natural extension of our expanding collective social information overload. Other social networks allow you to share practically every other aspect of your life. Now you can share your shit.


Posting Shit

So I don't need an account to share my shit?

That's right. You can post shit without any sort of account, although it is subject to moderation and may take some time to show up on the site. Read our privacy statement to get the nitty-gritty of how anonymous shit posting works.

Then why would I want an account?

There are several benefits to creating an account (and you don't even need to provide an email address to do so):

  • Follow your friends to create a personalized feed of shit.
  • Optionally link up your Twitter account, so you can tweet your new shit.
  • You can comment on shit and delete your own shit.
  • Shit you post is less-heavily moderated.

My shit isn't showing up on the site! WTF?

When you post new shit, it doesn't automatically show up in the main feed. Instead, it is queued for moderation. Human moderators will make sure your shit follows the rules before approving it for the main feed. If you have an account, your shit will show up immediately in your profile, and anyone following you will see it in their My Feed section. Once approved by moderation, it will show up in the main feed.

If you believe there is a problem with the moderation, please contact us, and we'll try to help.

Whoops... how do I delete my shit?

If you posted your shit via a registered account, you can delete your shit by going to the shit detail page (click on an individual shit in your feed). Then, move your mouse cursor over the shit image. A delete button will appear. Click it. Done!

If you posted your shit anonymously, you cannot delete it, and we will not delete it unless it breaks the rules. If you have a major problem with this and really need a shit deleted, contact us and we may make an exception. Please note that if you contact us, you will no longer be anonymous, since we will need your email address in order to communicate.

Rules for posting shit

Post only shit. No human or animal body parts allowed. Ever.

Do not post anything depicting illegal activity.

Make sure your photos are of reasonable quality. Cell phone cameras are generally fine, but anything that is too blurry may be deleted.

Read and understand the privacy policy.


Social Features

How do I follow someone on ShareMyShit and what happens when I do?

To follow a ShareMyShit user, go into their profile and click the Follow button (you must be logged-in). When you follow someone, you will see their activity, including new shit and comments, in the My Feed section of the home page. This makes it easy to stay up to date on everyone's shit!